USB CO Alerter Stick V2 (Modell 2022)

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Micro CO-alerter for pilots_150422_V7

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  • The smallest and lightest CO-alerter on the market with two micro controllers on board. Fits into every pilots bag.
  • CO-Warning with bright LED and Buzzer.
  • Newest generation of CO-sensor which is temperature compensated. Checked by component supplier at 50 and 100ppm before production.
  • real CO-Alarms testet before delivery.
  • Due to concept of USB-Stick no additional battery necessary. In this use case you will never have an empty battery.
  • If there is no USB-socket available you can supply it also via power bank. Power consumption is very low at around 0.05A.
  • You have three levels of sensitivity to be selected via switch:       >0ppm, ~20ppm, ~50ppm.
  • in 12/2021 we changed the connector , the stick is now called „USB CO Alerter Stick V2“ (see main picture). Functionality is unchanged compared to V1.
  • 20 CO Alarms are non volatile memorized together with PPM-rate , time after power up and durance of Alarm.
  • In addition the ppm rate is generally memorized every minute and stored in a 3h rolling non-volatile memory (= last 180 measurements of ppm-rate).
  • The Alarm memory and the “3h rolling memory” can be read out at every PC into a delivered Excel sheet (available in download area).
  • At every power up, an internal diagnosis routine checks that all components are working properly and signals are given to the user.
  • Also during normal operation the sensor runs a self monitoring check.
  • if you fly with several planes, you just need an USB-socket and you can plug it in the plane you want.
  • Developed by pilots for pilots, and tested in several planes


  • Certification not yet available. Usage is under full responsibility of the user.
  • Easy tests, to check that the device is properly working are described in „Productvideos“.

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Working Voltage


Preheating time

30 seconds